HANK: you and I have a bone to pick.

Your video on world’s cutest animals may have very well been just about animals. 

but let me introduce you to the world’s cutest and smallest little buggy wuggy that you every did seeeeeee :3

it is the Jumping Spider Dendryphantinae, which yes i can say out loud (thanks, wikipedia.)

YES, that is a very tiny wee bitty spider SMILE.

they come in about a billion colors and have big round dinnerplate eyes that ask you, “Why? Why do you hate me so much? It’s not my fault I’m a spider, i just want to loooove yoooouuuu”

They just want to smile at you and like to hang out on flowers!

and this one is eating fruit!!!!!!!!!

and some more flowers


and are totally harmless because LOOK HOW TINY GAHHHH


so now, please admit your love for the tiniest cutie wooties that you’ve ever seen.  Are you so afraid of spiders now? NO. BECAUSE THEY ARE CUTE. I NEED HIM BECAUSE REASONS.